About the Game

Drunken Warriors is a drinking card game which is structured around players creating their own cards with which to do battle in the vein of popular TCG’s such as Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone. You and your friends take on the role of mighty wizards (sweaty nerds) and wage war upon ancient battlegrounds (a table) to see who reigns supreme as the ultimate drunken warrior.

The aim of the game is to summon spells and minions into battle and use them to make your opponents drink while defending yourself from taking drinks. Playing cards will cost you drinks as well, however, and you’ll often find your own creations being used against you. The creative element sees that no two games are ever the same and that the style, humor, and aggressiveness of the cards are tailored to each individual group’s preferences.

The game was created out of boredom one night in 2010 by Tom Fonder, and went on to become a staple of a night in among friends. It has since been tweaked and extensively play tested by Michael Peach, Lewis Peaty, Rachael Robins, Andy B, Ryan Tanger and others.

About This Site

The purpose of this site is to archive/share our favourite cards and those of others created during play while also serving as inspiration for those looking to run their own games. These cards are for entertainment purposes only and will not be available for purchase at any time due to the nature of (often frequent) references to intellectual properties that are not our own.

You will also be able to find comprehensive rules for play here as well as a variety of resources for printing your own blank card sheets.